Bullying Prevention

What is Bullying?

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive, repetitive behavior among children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Both students who are bullied and students who bully others may have serious, lasting problems.

  • 20% of students age 12-18 experience bullying nationwide

  • 46% of students who were bullied notified an adult at school

Who can you tell? Any adult, especially:

  • Administration

    • Dr. Laudani, Principal - Building 1

    • Mrs. Richardson, Assistant Principal - Building 3

    • Dr. Taylor, Assistant Principal - Building 3

    • Mrs. McDonald, Assistant Principal - Building 3

    • Dr. Bridges, S.A.M. - Building 4

    • Mrs. Velazquez, S.A.M. - Building 4

  • Counseling Team

    • Ms. Forrester, School Counselor - Building 2

    • Mrs. Stivers, School Counselor - Building 2

    • Mrs. Boyd, School Social Worker - Building 4

    • Mrs. Crow, District Mental Health Counselor - Building 1 (Tues/Thurs only)

  • School Resource Officer

    • Officer Pierce - Building 1

  • School Resource Officer

    • Mr. McCabe - roaming around school & at lunch

It is the policy of the Seminole County School Board that all of its students, volunteers, and school district level employees have an educational setting that is safe, secure and free from harassment and bullying of any kind. The School Board will not tolerate bullying and harassment of any type. Conduct that constitutes bullying and harassment, as defined herein, is prohibited.

Bullying and Harassment Prohibited

SCPS applies a proactive approach to Bully Prevention, involving all members of a school community. Administrators, faculty, staff, bus drivers, parents, and students play a critical role in creating an atmosphere conducive to academic success, for all students. Programs, Initiatives, and Procedures collectively provide a comprehensive school plan. Schools that utilize this approach in its entirety will experience the highest percentage of a positive school climate. Support for this policy yearly is provided via:

  • Administrator and staff training

  • District Wide Policies

  • School wide and classroom prevention lessons

  • Awareness activities through initiatives

  • Parent and Community Involvement

  • Community Partnerships

  • SCPS Bullying Brochure


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